Constructing a Two-Way Bridge

Bronet, Campbell, Eglash, Miller – Funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development

People having discussion at tableRensselaer’s Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC) grant consists of four interlocking initiatives – Sustainable Livable Communities of Choice and Justice, led by Frances Bronet and Barbara Nelson, Architecture and Campus Planning; Community Media and Technology Infrastructure, led by Branda Miller, Arts; Community Informatics led by Nancy D. Campbell, Department of Science and Technology Studies; and Software Development of “Culturally Situated Design Tools,” led by Ron Eglash, Department of Science and Technology Studies, to build sustainable community partnerships that will enhance the quality of life for residents of three target neighborhoods in Troy. The goal is to build a lasting, exchange-based infrastructure that enables citizens to sustain ties with each other, maintain vibrant community organizations, and participate in lively neighborhood associations that address the issues that matter most in their everyday lives. The Livable Communities initiative continues neighborhood revitalization efforts involving participatory design for environmental, built and infra-structural development. Normative architectural and urban design issues such as multi-use development, civic institutions and buildings, pedestrian accessibility, public transportation, parking, streetscapes, storefronts, lighting, character, parks and public space are coupled with developing telecommunications and social infrastructure for community media and technology center and training. Two major neighborhood charrettes (design workshops) were held and the design strategies and information collected is being documented for dissemination and further funding proposals.