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Design as a Creative Model for Technical Inquiry is a 2-year project funded by the National Science Foundation to better prepare future teachers for the complex, multidisciplinary challenges of the twenty-first century. There is a demand for leaders trained to understand problems from multiple perspectives and to integrate these perspectives into creatively designed solutions. To achieve these goals, we believe, design education, and increasingly all disciplines, must provide concrete experience in integrating first-rate technical competence with a thorough understanding of the social and cultural context of technologies and the design processes that shape them. This multidisciplinary approach to design education demands that the relevant knowledge base be expanded to include facility and expertise not currently being required of architecture, engineering and other design students. This same demand for a synthetic approach in disciplinary work has the potential to draw diverse and minority communities, previously not attracted to engineering, architecture and other design fields to enlist in a more interdisciplinary environment that may have more political authority while addressing the social, aesthetic as well as the technical.

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Deep Dive Workshops:

University of Colorado at Boulder faculty working on project

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Hampton faculty working on project

University of Hampton

University of Michigan faculty discussing project

University of Michigan

University of Virginia faculty discussing project

University of Virginia

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