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Interdisciplinary Design

Design Continuum

Boston, Milan, Seoul.
Design Solutions Firm

Continuum employs a “potently interdisciplinary” staff that has been educated in almost every imaginable background. The company believes in collaborating with people from as many backgrounds as possible to ensure well thought-out, quality work. Continuum’s portfolio entails ICU ventilators, research for heavy text messaging, ground breaking analyzers on linear DNA, and progressive identity systems for various companies.

Design Science

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Design Consulting Firm

Design Science’s diverse and cohesive staff of 16 includes specialists with advanced degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Quantitative Sociology, Human Factors, Industry Design, Graphic Design, and Multimedia Design. Design Science works on research for user-centered product specifications, Human Factor Analysis to help fit products to physical and cognitive characteristics as well as human interfaces and LCD screens.

Fitch: Worldwide

21 Offices in 12 Countries, West London Headquarters, England.
Design Company

Fitch is a world-class design company that incorporates interdisciplinary working groups in its design approach. Fitch’s client list includes an array of many companies (VW, Nissan, Cisco Systems, Prudential, etc.) that employ Fitch for product launches as well as brand establishement and recognition.

Frog Design

Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Austin, New York, Altensteig.
Design Company

Frog’s process, dubbed “Blue Sky”, harnesses the power of convergent, multi-disciplinary experience in the critical, early phases of the product lifecycle. Frog has worked primarily on product design with such companies as Sony, Dell, Acura, Windows, Motorola, and Disney.


San Francisco, Palo Alto, Boulder, Chicago, Boston, London, Munich, Tokyo.
Design Company

Multidisciplinary teams are the heart of the IDEO method. IDEO believes this is how true innovation happens in the world. IDEO has revolutionized modern product design while creating well over 1,000 products in a wide variety of industries that include Polaroid’s I-ZONE camera, interactive dressing-rooms for Prada’s epicenter store, palm computers, insulin pens, shopping carts, and “Leap”chairs that mimic an individual’s spinal contour.

Maya Design, Inc.

Boston, Atlanta.
Design Consultancy Firm

Three Carnegie Mellon University colleagues (a computer scientist, a cognitive psychologist, and an industrial designer) decided to take what everyone else was simply writing about –interdisciplinary, user-centered design–and start a consultancy to deliver it. Maya’s work includes translating and expanding brand awareness for prominent companies such as Merill Lynch and designing easily used TV interfaces for Samsung.

Onomy Labs

Menlo Park, California.
Design Company

Case Study: SunLabs Research Wall.

The members of Onomy Labs have multidisciplinary educational backgrounds and experiences that combine to form an interdisciplinary approach to design. Onomy Labs makes a deliberate effort to bring the disciplines of art, science, design, and engineering together with equal say in the design process. Onomy Labs work is currently focused on interactive text in all types of media.

Siemans Corporate Research

Munich, Princeton, Beijing.
Research and Development Centers

The User Interface Design Lab follows an interdisciplinary approach, employing a team of specialists from the fields of information technology, engineering, psychology, sociology, linguistics, as well as communication design. Siemans R&D centers have developed such products as ultra-miniature DC motors, 3-D streaming speech for web sites, and augmented reality systems for medical and computer systems diagnostics.


Columbus, Ohio.
Design Research Company

SonicRim has merged the disciplines of design, market research and consumer behavior, anthropology, human factors, and psychology to create a new type of research. SonicRim works primarily with interface technology (i.e. remote control) and companies that want to better identify specific customers and their wants and needs.