Seminal Readings

Interdisciplinary Design

Links To Articles:

1. Frances Bronet, John Schumacher –
Design in Movement: The Prospects of Interdisciplinary Design

2. Frances Bronet, John Schumacher –
Normal Disciplinarity: Action at a Distance

3. Frances Bronet, Ron Eglash, Gary Gabriele, David Hess, and Larry Kagan –
Product Design and Innovation: Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Design Curriculum

4. Charlie Cannon, Rhode Island School of Design –
Fruitful Relations

5. Charlie Cannon, Rhode Island School of Design –
Interdisciplinary Education: lessons from the Innovation Studio Program

6. Sarah Kuhn –
Learning from the Architecture Studio: Implications for Project-Based Pedagogy

7. Keith H. Hammonds –
How to Design the Perfect Product

8. Jeff Howard, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Department of Science and Technology Studies, May 1997 –
In Search of the Sweet Spot: Engineering, Arts, and Society in Design Curricula

9. Cheryl Geisler, coordinator, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1995 –
Forum for Integrated Design

10. Cheryl Geisler, Invited Lecture, NEH Seminar, December 12, 2002 –
Multidisciplinary: The renewal of the University and Its Curriculum

11. Donald A. Schon –
Towards a Marriage of Artistry And Applied Science In the Architectural Design Studio

12. Nirmal K. Sethia, PhD –
Generating and Exploiting Interdisciplinary Knowledge in Design